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Your Guide to 2024 Arts Advocacy Days in the Midwest

A group of people in colorful t-shirts in a formal governmental building.
Photo Credit: Arts Alliance Illinois
139 advocates from across Illinois came together in local advocacy teams and held more than 50 legislator meetings in total at Arts Alliance Illinois' Capital Day in 2023.

Join your colleagues in your state's arts advocacy day to connect with your arts and culture community and show support for arts funding.

Arts Advocacy Days present exciting opportunities for individuals passionate about arts and culture to make their voices heard. By attending, you have the chance to connect with your local arts community and amplify the call for increased support for arts funding in your state. Here are key dates for Arts Advocacy Days in various Midwestern states:

If your state is not having an arts advocacy day this year, you can still learn about more ways to get involved with your arts advocacy community. 

Take Action Now:

  1. 1

    Educate Yourself

    Stay informed about current issues affecting the arts community. Educate yourself on the policies, challenges, and opportunities within your state’s arts landscape. Knowledge is a powerful tool for effective advocacy. Your state’s advocacy organization will have statistics and talking points about the impact of arts and culture in your local area.

  2. 2

    Attend Your State’s Arts Advocacy Day:

    Mark your calendar for your state’s Arts Advocacy Day and join the movement. Attending these events is a powerful way to connect with like-minded individuals, share your passion for the arts, and collectively advocate for increased funding and support.

  3. 3

    Or, Participate Virtually

    If attending in person is not feasible, consider participating virtually. Many advocacy events now offer online platforms, ensuring that your voice is still heard, even from the comfort of your own home.

  4. 4

    Connect + Share on Social Media

    Spread the word! Encourage your colleagues, friends, and family to participate in Arts Advocacy Days via social media, or join the conversation using relevant hashtags. Share your experiences, insights, and reasons for supporting the arts. Your voice is important!