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John Kiste

Contributing Writer

A person with a soft smirk wearing sunglasses, a scarf and a suit jacket, looks off into the distance.
Photo Credit: John Kiste


John Kiste is a horror writer who was previously the president of the Stark County Convention & Visitors’ Bureau and a Massillon Museum board member. He is a double-lung transplantee and organ donation ambassador, a McKinley Museum planetarian and an Edgar Allan Poe impersonator who has been published in Flame Tree Press’s Terrifying Ghosts anthology, Third FlatironWith Painted WordsA Shadow of AutumnModern Grimoire, Dark Fire Fiction, Six Guns Straight from Hell 3, Theme of Absence, The Dark Sire, NonBinary Review’s H. G. Wells and The Odyssey anthologies, Jolly Horror Press’s Coffin Blossoms anthology, and whose work was included in Unnerving’s Haunted Are These Houses and Camden Press’s winner of the 2019 Preditors and Editors readers’ poll for best anthology, Quoth the Raven. His wife Lonna has put up with his antics for forty years, and his daughter Gwendolyn has won three Bram Stoker Awards for horror.