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Jonathan Kelley


A person with dark skin tone and short, buzzed hair wearing a t shirt and cargo shorts and sitting on a stool in a portrait studio.
Photo Credit: Jonathan Kelley


Jonathan Kelley, an African American creative force, dedicates himself to weaving narratives that transcend boundaries. As a filmmaker, music producer, editor, photographer, creative writer, and community advocate, Jonathan channels emotional depth into documenting intimate moments and crafting thought-provoking, candid, dramatic, and authentic forms of self-expression. His latest film, “Elevate,” was released on South Dakota Public Broadcasting on February 1st, 2024, showcasing his commitment to exploring and connecting through the rich tapestry of individual stories and creative narratives viewed from an internal vantage point. Jonathan’s goals and achievements reflect a lifelong pursuit of awareness, unity, and collaboration, driven by diverse perspectives and an impulsive desire to engage with the unique stories surrounding him.