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Leah E. Olm

Fundraising Coach

Headshot of a smiling person of light skin tone with long curly light brown hair, wearing a dark green shirt and leaning against a rock wall.
Photo Credit: Leah E. Olm


A native Duluthian, Leah’s been organizing money and people for 16 years. In her ten years of full-time individual fundraising, she organized kissing booths and foursquare tournaments. She developed fundraising relationships with students and elders, wealthy folks and folks with little. She often had a fundraising budget of zero dollars, so she’s learned how to solicit donations of donuts and beer, take major donors out for coffees instead of lunches, and host guerilla-style events in public places so she wouldn’t have to pay for space. So it’s fair to assume that if you’re running into a snag in your fundraising, Leah’s been there.