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Bamboo Orchestra

Country: Japan
Bamboo Orchestra, a band from Japan, performs on stage, surrounded by bamboo instruments and holding bamboo sticks in the air.
Photo Credit: Bamboo Orchestra


The Bamboo Orchestra, led by Makato Yabuki, plays a unique palette of more than twenty bamboo instruments from Japan and Asia. Bamboo has been used for centuries to make instruments in many regions of the world, providing special tones to the music of many ethnic communities. Bamboo music transcends ethnic identities, personalities, and musical traditions, as each listener and musician humbly encounters the bamboo and its rich, resonating sound. The members of The Bamboo Orchestra also introduce the joy of producing music and being in harmony with nature through bamboo instrument making workshops. The members of the Bamboo Orchestra are: Kimihiro Kitamura, Motoko Iida, Hidekazu Kato, Yoshimitsu Matsuda, Eri Ohashi, Masanobu Tachibana, Miwa Takano, and Miyoko Yamazaki.