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Beauty & Melody

Country: China
Beauty and Melody, an all-female ensemble from Sichuan Province in China, dance and play music on stage.
Photo Credit: Beauty and Melody


The captivating music of Beauty and Melody, an all-female ensemble from Sichuan Province will take you on a journey–back through the ancient dynasties of China, exploring the rich heritage of that nation and its people–all the way to the hip and contemporary culture of today.


These talented performers have all studied in major music conservatories throughout China. They play a number of different instruments including the flowing and gentle sounds of bamboo flutes and wind pipes, the beauty of traditional Chinese folk instruments like the ruan, pipa and suona, and unique drums and other percussion instruments. The women of Beauty and Melody are also gifted vocalists and dancers who are able to capture centuries of history and culture with the plucking of a string, the soaring lilt of a horn, the beautiful vocal melodies of Chinese folk songs, and the graceful movements of traditional Chinese dancing.


These young women have toured the world, including giving a special performance at the United Nations in 2005. This is their first major U.S. tour!