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Country: Israel
Esta, a multi-ethnic band from Israel, pose while leaning up against a wall adorned with various objects.
Photo Credit: Esta


Esta is a multi-ethnic Israeli ensemble with a unique blend of original music and innovative sound that draws on the diverse cultures of Israel. Formed in 1983 Esta’s members were born first generation in Israel and they are deeply influenced by the musical traditions of their parents’ generation who were immigrants from Bulgaria, Iraq, Poland, Iran, Romania, Russia, and Turkey. With this background, Esta has created a rich, hot, musical stew simmering with Middle Eastern, Balkan, Mediterranean, Jewish, Celtic, African influences while also drawing from contemporary rock and roll and jazz. The members of Esta are: Ori Beanstock, Shlomo Deshet, Bentzi Gafni, Amir Gwirtzman, and Yarona Harel.