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Eyal Sela and Darma

Country: Israel
Darma, a band led by world music artist Eyal Sela based in Israel, performs while sitting in a line together on stage.


Darma is led by celebrated world music artist Eyal Sela. Often referred to as the Pied Piper of world music, Sela is a master of various woodwind instruments including the Turkish clarinet, Indian bamboo flute, Irish penny whistle, clarinet, the Norwegian osterdal, the Armenian dudak, and the saxophone. In Darma, Sela is joined by ethnic musicians Gershon Waiserfirer and Yinon Mualem, and equally gifted Western-oriented musicians Noam Topelberg and Avraham Agababa.. The ensemble performs songs with Middle Eastern, Greek, Israeli Klezmer, Indian, Balkan, Arabian, Bedouin, Turkish, and Armenian roots, making for a very eclectic world music experience.