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Country: Japan
Hikaru, Japanese folk band based in Japan, pose with various instruments.
Photo Credit: Hikaru


Explore Japanese folk music through Hikaru’s magical melodies and striking rhythms. A group of well-trained and studied musicians from different prefectures of Japan, each member of Hikaru is well versed in the deep traditions of their instruments and styles: the distinctive 3-string Tsugaru shamisen, powerful taiko drums, the traditional shinoboe flute, and Akita folk music. These traditional sounds and styles combine in a stunning performance that will carry you to the soaring mountains and rugged seas of Japan.


Explore Japanese folk music with Hikaru. Travel with the band members across Tokyo to explore a festival, a dance studio and a barbershop. Then, tune into Hikaru's concert to hear Japanese instruments like the 3-string shamisen, the high-pitched shinobue flute, and the rumbling taiko drums as well as traditional singing and dance.