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Lorraine Klaasen

Country: South Africa
Lorraine Klassen, an artist from South Africa who specializes in Township Music, poses for a photo and appears to be dancing.
Photo Credit: Lorraine Klassen


Lorraine Klaasen is one of few South African artists who have preserved the classic sound of Township Music, which continues to be the most distinctive sound to come out of South Africa. Born and raised in Soweto, Lorraine has electrified audiences worldwide with her dynamic stage presence and showmanship. A 2013 JUNO winner for World Music Album of the Year, Lorraine is the daughter of legendary South African jazz singer Thandie Klaasen. She was influenced by South Africa’s music giants of the 1950s and 1960s such as Miriam Makeba (a close friend of Lorraine and her mother), Dolly Rathebe, Dorothy Masuka, Sophie Mgcina, and Busi Mhlongo.