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Mauvais Sort

Country: Quebec, Canada
Mauvais Sort, a "folk 'n roll" band from Quebec, poses for a photo. They hold up their instruments including guitar, fiddle, accordion, saxophone, trumpet, and drums.
Photo Credit: Mauvais Sort


Mauvais Sort, whose name translates from French to mean “to put a spell on someone,”has a musical style extremely hard to define, yet unique and proper to its generation. By combining traditional lyrics with contemporary musical compositions or by mixing their own original stories with old, folk rhythms, the group will turn your perception of Québec traditional music upside-down. The band creates a new musical style: Folk-n-roll. “Folk” for the inspiration, the foot stomping, the accordion, the fiddle, and the guitar; and “roll”for the arrangements, the bass, the drum, the percussion, and the energy. The young band members bring together their exceptional musical talents to astonish with a high-quality, high-energy show, infused with a passion for reinventing tradition. The members of Mauvais Sort are: Nicolas Geoffroy, Stéphanie Richard, Patrick Giroux, Guillaume Côté, Francois-Olivier Doyon and Eric Tessier.