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Yamma Ensemble

Country: Israel
Yamma Ensemble, a band based in Israel, pose with various instruments including a standing bass and tambourine.
Photo Credit: Yamma Ensemble


Yamma Ensemble brings the cultural mosaic that is Israel alive. Their sound is drawn from Eastern European, Balkan, Gypsy, Sephardic and Yemenite melodies–are at times rollicking and joyous, at others moving and mournful. But they are always vibrant, passionate, and performed from the heart. To listen to Yamma Ensemble is to stroll the markets of Old Jaffa, to sip coffee in a café above the Mediterranean. It is to experience the mystery of Israel. Band Members: Talya G.A. Solan – lead vocals, Avri Borochov – double bass, Yonnie Dror – wind instruments, Aviad Ben Yehuda – percussion (darbuka, cajon, bells), Sefi Asfuri – string instruments (oud, bouzouki, violin), Evgeny Krolik – sound engineer