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Grand Forks, ND

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ArtWise is based in a mall setting. We want to have local arts organizations’ artists decorate store front windows and have artists be in our gallery space to demonstrate and teach their art form during the holidays. ArtWise has also started a program in which our gallery artists teach a workshop. We will have 4 workshops during this time period with more than 4 artists working with artmakers. The workshops are usually 2 hours and Kindergarten-Adult are welcome. The gallery artists all will speak at their openings and have a discussion about their work at a closing. Our goal is to expose visual arts and programming to a population that would likely not go to a museum or stand alone gallery. We have many walk-ins from the mall retail space who have not evert seen an art show. We also will produce Student Art Show-K-High School, that is county wide, with galleries throughout the mall. Artists and arts organizations guide youth through the process of artmaking and work on their medium.

Award Details

  • Grant or Award Received
  • North Dakota
  • $4,000
    Grant Amount
  • 2024
    Fiscal Year of Award

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