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Capital City Film Festival

Lansing, MI

GIG Fund



The Capital City Film Festival (CCFF) will welcome Jess X. Snow, a multi-disciplinary artist and filmmaker Ishkwaazhe Shane McSauby of Michigan. Jess’s work explores: In a capitalist world where Asians face the pressures from model minority myth and are measured by the work they produce, how can leaning into desire, disobedience, and dreams allow us to become closer to our authentic selves? Shane’s work elevates Indigenous voices in an authentic, yet mystical way. The discussion after, jointly led by Jess and Shane, will address collaboration on film sets and how marginalized communities can use the camera as a tool to counter-surveil and challenge the western gaze. The film exhibition and educational component will be open to the general public and take place in-person at a fully accessible venue during the 2024 Capital City Film Festival in Lansing, MI. The underserved audiences reached will include those limited by ethnicity and economics as well as LGBTQ+ persons.

Award Details

  • Grant or Award Received
  • Michigan
  • $4,000
    Grant Amount
  • 2024
    Fiscal Year of Award

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