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Mia McGill

Communications Specialist

Pronouns: they/them


[email protected]

A smiling person of medium light skin tone, with light brown rimmed glasses and shoulder length pink hair, wearing a seafoam green blazer over a black and seafoam green patterned top
Photo Credit: Celisia Stanton Photography

Mia McGill (they/them) has been working at Arts Midwest since 2021, and is a Communications Specialist. Before that, they worked with various arts nonprofits in communications and event planning roles.

At Arts Midwest, Mia spends their days writing press releases, designing graphics, and creating content for Arts Midwest’s website and social media channels. They also work with the Programs and Grants teams to collaborate on promotional campaigns for initiatives like the GIG Fund, World Fest, and NEA Big Read, among others. They do this using their skills in design, copywriting, and promotional strategy that they gained in their time at various nonprofits, including Fredericksburg All Ages and the Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence. Mia’s contributions to Arts Midwest include their implementation of the first comprehensive video campaign for the NEA Big Read in 2021.

Some of the content Mia has created for Arts Midwest includes:

The most common questions Mia gets asked about their work are:

What do you want to see Arts Midwest doing in its comms strategy next?
Become social media influencers! Once I get our staff to learn a Tik Tok dance, it’s game over.

Which other nonprofits do you draw inspiration from for graphics and strategy?
Right now, I’m totally obsessed with the work that Pollen does both on their website and social media!

Why should I follow Arts Midwest on social media?
You can still get updates on grants and programs from our website, but you can’t get my superb playlists anywhere else!

A little more about Mia:

Mia’s favorite Midwestern artist is writer Hanif Abdurraqib—they’re never able to put his books down and was recently moved to tears by one of his Instagram captions. Mia is creatively energized by live music, Wawa hoagies, and 80s horror films.

They’re very excited to expand partnerships with media organizations across the Midwest as part of Arts Midwest’s new storytelling initiatives with the Creativity News Desk.

When Mia isn’t working, they can be found photographing concerts and hosting bar trivia.

If you feel so inspired, you can also connect with them on LinkedIn or on their website.