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Bloomington, IN

GIG Fund



Lotus is seeking support for its 29th Lotus Blossoms Educational Outreach Program. In a typical year, Blossoms invites 4-6 gifted performing artists from across the globe for 3-5 days to cover 4 weeks of programming in South Central Indiana schools, youth service organizations, retirement communities, public performance spaces, and beyond. Our goal is to create opportunities for children, families, groups, and individuals to re-discover music and the arts through a global perspective. Blossoms encourages deeper understanding of the world’s diverse cultural heritage of music, song, dance, and storytelling, and engages audiences with the people and places from whence they spring. Community events with Blossoms Artists invite the public to interact with these performers in intimate settings like concerts, workshops, and lecture-demonstrations. Participants of all ages and abilities are able to see the wider world through the lens of high-quality performing arts experiences.

Award Details

  • Grant or Award Received
  • Indiana
  • $4,000
    Grant Amount
  • 2024
    Fiscal Year of Award

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