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Angela Zonunpari

Managing Editor

Pronouns: she /her


[email protected]

Headshot of a person of medium light skin tone and long wavy black hair, wearing a white frilly collared top under a blue coat.
Photo Credit: Tory Stolen

Angela Zonunpari (she/her/hers) has been working at Arts Midwest since 2022, and is the Managing Editor of the Creativity News Desk.

At Arts Midwest, Angela spends her time overseeing the Creativity News Desk, a storytelling initiative working with creatives to share stories about arts, culture and creativity in the region, and amplifying these stories of Midwestern creativity. She works with the Communications team to collaborate on story planning, production timelines, and design. She does this by using her writing, editing, multimedia production, and project management skills that she gained while working in marketing, public relations, art communication, journalism and video production at Fresh Produce and Ipso GalleryNo Business MagazineBonhamsBRIC, and Hindustan Times.