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For the Love of the Arts

For the second phase of We the Many, Arts Midwest partnered with For the Love of the Arts.



Located in Griffith, Indiana, For the Love of the Arts, Inc. is dedicated to reducing youth violence and crime by providing fine arts mentorship and life skills courses focusing on social skills and mental wellness.

Six students and one instructor hold their guitars up to the camera and smile
Photo Credit: Daveed Holmes
  • 272

    Workshops Provided

  • 1,157

    Community Members Reached

Programming Overview

“We served our community through 272 We the Many activities and events, reaching 1,157 community members. Residency activities, classes, and programs were led by 10 local artists representing the communities we serve. We focus on serving justice-involved youth, low-income families, youth with special needs, adults with special needs, adults in recovery, and children of adults in recovery, and our diverse communities of color.

Through the We the Many grant program, we opened the Love of Arts Creativity Center in February of 2023, offering artist-led classes such as videography, acrylic painting, music, dance, virtual reality art, cartoon drawing, crafts, creative writing, and theatre. Throughout 2023, we offered other programs as well, such as Little Creatives Program (parent/child art and early learning activities), arts classes at Lake Co. Juvenile Center serving justice-involved youth, several community outreach events, artistic showcase events, and the opening of SHINE Recovery Cafe and SHINE Kids (arts and learning activities for children of parents in recovery). 

We the Many has allowed our organization to go to the next level of growth and development. We were able to acquire a space to house our arts activities in the heart of our community where there is a critical need for the types of programs we offer. Furthermore, we have expanded our services to support youth and adults with special needs through our arts classes and local partnerships. These partnerships include The Columbus Organization, which serves youth with autism, and Paladin, which serves adults with special needs. 

Also, with an increased budget size, we applied for funding through the Indiana Arts Commission and were awarded operational support for the 2023-2024 grant cycle. Our artists in residency were given a unique opportunity to grow and expand in their work and were supported through the articles and press releases from Arts Midwest. We have expanded our work even further with SHINE Recovery Cafe through a partnership with Recovery Cafe Network, and as part of our growth through We the Many. During cafe hours, children of members or guests can participate in the SHINE Kids program, a safe place where recovery-affected youth can learn, grow, and thrive with support.

Overall, this partnership has greatly impacted our community and allowed our organization to expand in multiple ways.”

Project Team

Sade’ Carrasquillo, Executive Director

Primary Artists-in-Residence: Daveed Holmes, Ariel Michol, Yemina Concepción, Fernando Lopez, Tyrel Davis

Other Press

A documentary exploring the founding and mission of the For the Love of the Arts program and the impact it is having within the community.

Read More in the We the Many Program Report

This report dives into the program’s process, impact, and lessons learned during We the Many’s second phase. It sheds light on the successes, challenges, and resiliency of creative community work.

English (PDF) Español (PDF)