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Sacred Pipe Resource Center

For the second phase of We the Many, Arts Midwest partnered with For the Love of the Arts.


The mission of Sacred Pipe Resource Center is to address and support the social/cultural, emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical needs of Native people of all Tribes living in the Bismarck-Mandan and surrounding area.

A group of women create shell jewelry at a large table set in a circle
Photo Credit: Sacred Pipe Resource Center
  • 21

    Workshops Provided

  • 221

    Community Members Reached

Programming Overview

“Serving 221 community members through 21 artist-in-residency activities, SPRC and lead artist-in-residency Shawna Fricke provided activities and workshops that focused on the overarching theme of Social Justice through healing and social connection, as well as ongoing activities designed to incorporate Native American art into the community to make it more reflective of our experience as the original inhabitants of this land. 

Some examples of the culturally appropriate activities we provided are dentalium shell earring making, as well as more contemporary activities like t-shirt making (screen-printing) and flower arranging. SPRC has always supported an organizational Arts Council as part of our Community Councils, as a mechanism for getting input and connection with the local Native American community. However, the We the Many program brought so many more community members to the table because of the regular program of activities we were able to host. The Arts Council grew in membership numbers, and the quality and quantity of ideas that came from the Arts Council also grew. The program helped us with one of our major difficulties in the Councils – inspiring people to see a new Bismarck-Mandan-Lincoln community that sees them as integral members of the cities. Through our connections with other local organizations and entities, we were able to get many new ideas and suggestions. 

We worked with the City Administrator in Mandan to explore the options of Native-specific holiday projects. Through this connection, we made another tentative connection with the City of Bismarck. Our use of the Bismarck Event Center for the Small Business Saturday event elevated the presence of Native artists in the community. Through our many art projects, we also elevated our presence as a community resource and a new local Native-based media service, Buffalo’s Fire, featured our events in a variety of stories.

The We the Many grant was instrumental in helping SPRC “level up” in our programming, operations, and community. We understand that the population we serve (the urban Tribal population) faces isolation as a minority group in an off-reservation setting and is often met with more hostility, discrimination, and racial profiling than others. This is why this project was so important in the community. It allowed Native people to come into safe spaces where they could facilitate the healing and connection that individuals need regularly.”

Project Team

Cheryl Ann Kary, Executive Director

Primary Artists-in-Residence: Shawna Fricke, Rock Your Mocs Off Cohort, Emma Doll-Goodhouse, Rochelle Wells, Lisa Kraft

Read More in the We the Many Program Report

This report dives into the program’s process, impact, and lessons learned during We the Many’s second phase. It sheds light on the successes, challenges, and resiliency of creative community work.

English (PDF) Español (PDF)